Call me an old-school guy, but landscape photography, in its final and finest form, still comes down to printmaking. The first copy of “Temple of the Wishful” is being printed. This will be coated with three layers of polymer to reduce gloss differential and offer protection, longevity, and better finish and presentation (by eliminating glass). Aside from the general workflow from shooting to processing, delicate shadow management and tone-mapping optimized for the narrow dynamic range of the traditional medium are crucial. This is why printmaking often requires a very steep learning curve. OBA-free, archival standard canvas of the highest quality is used for open edition prints, and black border shown in the image is an option for canvas wrap. The print size shown here is 39″ X 52″, and the image quality backed by the 51.4MP medium format digital and the meticulous workflow proves to have a plenty of juice left even for this size. There will be a follow-up post to show snapshots of the print set up in the client’s living room.

A newly released image ‘A Night with the Lights’ is being printed upon a client’s request. This particular photograph demonstrates modern photographic systems’ incredible low light capabilities. The photograph was taken under moonlight at Peyto Lake in Alberta, Canada after a fresh snowfall. A few exposures with different sensitivity and focus settings were used in post-processing for the best possible image quality. A 52″ X 39″ canvas print with additional 2-inch-black margin for framing looks incredible with tons of details. It’s time to bring some light into night photography.

A Night with the Lights (2015)